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For employees

Every employer has duties to comply with employment legislation, whether this means providing a safe place for employees to work or ensuring they are not overworked and consequently, unduly stressed. Employers run their business for a profit, so it is only fair that these requirements are placed on them. Where an employer is treating an employee unfairly, it is important to get clear, accurate advice early on. Sometimes the objective will be to resolve the situation so that the employee can continue in their job - whilst other times, the employee will want to know what options they have in terms of leaving and claiming compensation.

For employers

Having an employment laywer on hand to advise on the proper contracts, policies and circumstances that may arise in the workplace is essential. It ensures that the employer is not exposed to unnecessary litigation, and helps creative a positive and productive working environment for employees. Employment law is not a reserved activity and consequently there are many 'HR advisors' in the market. Some may be qualiifed but none have to be - neither is it necessary for them to hold insurance should they advise you incorrectly and cause you to suffer loss as a result. Having an experienced, fully qualified and insured lawyer available can provide your business with a secure solution for its employement needs.

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