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Probate and

Whether you need guidance on obtaining a Grant of Probate or you're looking for someone to complete full estate administration, we're on hand to help.

Contest a

Inheritance disputes are more common than ever - we can help with everything from mediation through to representation, where needed.

Buy or sell
your home

We provide affordable conveyancing with no hidden extras and a fast, professional and stress free service.


Our qualified, regulated lawyers are experts in Will drafting and will draw up a Will for you that reflects your wishes whilst avoiding potential pitfalls.

Lasting Powers
of Attorney

We can advise on and draft Lasting Powers of Attorney for financial and health decisions, including Business LPAs.

Court of

We assist with Deputyship and Statutory Will applications, and can also advise on matters such as Deputy disputes.


Whether you're looking to keep assets in the family or simply want to make the probate process simpler for your children, we've got the know how.

Inheritance tax

Nobody wants to pay more tax than they have to - which is why our estate planning experts are here to help you arrange your affairs so that the least possible amount of tax is due.


Small to medium size businesses can depend on our commercial lawyers for fast accurate advice on commercial disputes that doesn't attract a huge bill.


We can assist you in making a Statutory Will for a person who has lost mental capacity where this is appropriate.


Whether you're separating, divorcing or struggling to agree over the children, we're here to help smooth the process.


We draft agreements for cohabiting couples and advise on legal issues that may arise. We can also assist with a Declaration of Trust.


We assist you in resolving commercial and personal disputes to avoid the stress and expense of going to court.



Our sympathetic lawyers are here to help you recover and claim the compensation you deserve.


We assist with employment disputes and ensure you get a fair deal whilst maintaining the relationship with your employer where required.


Fully qualified and regulated

Whether you're dealing with our experienced independent solicitors, our niche expert Chartered Legal Executives or our highly successful team of barristers, you can be confident that every member of our legal panel is fully qualified and regulated by CILEX, the SRA or the BSB.

Bringing you experience and expertise.

Whilst we all have to start somewhere in life, your important legal matters are rarely something you'd want entrusting to a trainee. That's why at Derbyshire Lawyers your matter will be handled by a fully qualified solicitor, Fellow of CILEX or barrister. You'll always be informed at the outset of your lawyer's qualifications and their regulator, together with a clear breakdown of costs and no hidden extras. Transparency is important to you - so it's important to us.

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No-nonsense legal services

Today's legal marketplace can be confusing. Around 80% of legal work is 'unreserved' which means that there's no requirement for the person completing it to be qualified, insured or supervised. What's more, it often comes as a surprise to people that the term 'lawyer' isn't special and anyone can use it. As a consequence, many of those operating in the legal services market have few or no formal qualifications or experience at all. The recent downfall of Ipswich-based firm 'Universal Wealth Management' in which hundreds fell victim to fraud should be a stark reminder to those requiring legal services that care must be taken over choice of provider.

Further, there's no cap on legal fees - firms are entitled to charge whatever they like, so there can be vast differences in pricing for the same piece of legal work.

At Derbyshire Lawyers we don't think legal services should be complicated. Simply, we use a panel of qualified, regulated and insured independent lawyers to assist you, and we insist that information about pricing is always clear and agreed up front, before any work is completed.

Our panel of independent lawyers are regulated by:

Solicitors Regulation Authority